Wall or Door Snap Nameplate Frames

Wall or Door Snap Nameplate Frames

Item# PG391
$14.50, 6  for  $81.00, 10  for  $125.00, 25  for  $281.25, 50  for  $525.00

Wall or Door Snap Nameplate Frames
Snap Nameplate Frames are a unique sign solution for office nameplates, directional signs, or anything that needs to be communicated by using a wall or door sign.

The cylinder clasps snap open to insert a 7-1/2" x 5" sign and snap shut to secure. Snap frames can be used horizontally or vertically. Each Snap Frame has 4 predrilled holes and can be hung using screws or two-sided peel and stick adhesive strips, which are included.

Overall Snap Frame size is 8-1/2" x 5" and is made of aluminum.

Each Snap Frame includes a plastic lens to protect the insert.

These Snap Frames are compatible with our 7-1/2" x 5" Full-Color Metal Nameplates. Click here to ORDER COMPATIBLE NAMEPLATES


1-5 Frames - $14.50 each

6-9 Frames - $13.50 each

10-24 Frames - $12.50 each

25-49 Frames - $11.25 each

50+ Frames - $10.50 each

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