Cubicle Nameplate Pins

Cubicle Nameplate Pins
Item# PG080
$2.25, 5  for  $10.75, 10  for  $20.50, 25  for  $48.75, 50  for  $92.50, 100  for  $165.00

Partition cubicle pins with adhesive back adhere to nameplates or signs and allow for hanging on cloth office partition walls. Hangs securely and does not damage partition walls.

Pin length is 1-5/8"

2 Partition Pins per set

Note: A standard 2" x 8" or 2" x 10" nameplate requires 2 pins


1 Set (Includes 2 pins): $2.25

5 Sets (Includes 10 pins): $10.75

10 Sets (Includes 20 pins): $20.50

25 Sets (Includes 50 pins): $48.75

50 Sets (Includes 100 pins): $92.50

100 Sets (Includes 200 pins): $165.00

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