Twisty® Key Ring

Waterproof Twisty Key Ring - NapTags.com

Item# TwistyRing

Waterproof Twisty Key Ring - NapTags.com
Twisty® Key Ring

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Minimum order of 5

· Waterproof

· 5" Length

· Available in Black Nylon Coated Steel Cable or Uncoated Stainless Steel Cable

· Can be crimped for permanent closure (See Item 88000 for Crimper Tool)

· Stong, flexible, corrosion-resistant aircraft cable key ring

· Unique patented locking mechanism assures keys stay put

· Use as key ring or binder ring to hold products or documents together

· Twisty Key Rings require a 3/16" size hole


5 Key Rings: $13.00 ($2.60 each)

25 Key Rings: $60.00 ($2.40 each)

50 Key Rings: $112.50 ($2.25 each)

100 Key Rings: $170.00 ($1.70 each)

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at 1-800-451-3330 or email your order details to info@napsupply.com ~ Thank You!

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