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Aluma-Tough vs. Stainless Steel Tags

Aluma Tough Metalphoto Lasts 20+ Years -

Compare the Benefits of Stainless Steel Tags vs. Aluma-Tough Tags

Do you need a metal tag that can withstand any harsh elements? Skip the stainless steel and buy Aluma-Tough!

While stainless steel tags have long been hailed the best choice for outdoor use, or for environments with chemicals, salt, sunlight, high temperatures and more. It's not always going to stand up to mother nature.

But Aluma-Tough tags can!

Overtime, stainless steel tags can corrode and fade, but Aluma-Tough tags won't.

Aluma-Tough metal tags are more durable and more legible, for up to 25 years, even in the harshest conditions!

They are sealed, and then anodized to provide a crystal-clear, highly-durable, corrosion-resistant tag.


The Aluma-Tough image remains readable after prolonged exposure to salt water, synthetic road salts, sunlight/weather and impact abrasion.

Aluma-Tough is a great product for Medical Device Identification. The photosensitive anodized aluminum is proven to withstand multiple sterilization cycles and not fade or harbor bacteria per ANSI/AAMI ST79 steam sterilization and sterility assurance.

Aluma-Tough graphics are cleaner and of higher resolution than engraved stainless steel. That makes for great looking VIN plates but more importantly, it allows one to effectively incorporate the use of machine readable bar codes for asset tracking.

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