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Number Tags

Find the right type of number tag from our huge selection! Plastic, metal, clip-on, stick-on and more, the uses for numbered tags are virtually endless, and so is our variety of options.

Order stock number tags below, or use our Quote Request Form to create the perfect, custom number tag for your project!

Number Tags
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Product Use
Numbered Aluminum (Aluma-Tough) Locker TagsNumbered Aluminum (Aluma-Tough) Locker TagsPacks of 25 or 100 - No holes with adhesiveMore Info
Numbered Aluminum (Aluma-Tough) TagsNumbered Aluminum (Aluma-Tough) TagsStands up to the harshest elements!More Info
Numbered Brass Tags CircleNumbered Brass Tags CirclePacks of 25 - Laser markedMore Info
Stainless Steel Numbered Tags - CircleStainless Steel Numbered Tags - CirclePacks of 25 or 100 - Laser markedMore Info
Numbered Brass Tags Oval with AdhesiveNumbered Brass Tags Oval with AdhesivePacks of 25 - Laser darkenedMore Info
Numbered Brass Tags Oval with HolesNumbered Brass Tags Oval with HolesPacks of 25 - Laser darkenedMore Info
Numbered Aluminum (Aluma-Tough) Oval Tags with AdhesiveNumbered Aluminum (Aluma-Tough) Oval Tags with AdhesivePacks of 25 or 100 - with AdhesiveMore Info
Numbered Aluminum (Aluma-Tough) Oval Tags with HolesNumbered Aluminum (Aluma-Tough) Oval Tags with HolesPacks of 25 or 100 - with HolesMore Info
Numbered Aluminum Slotted Key TagNumbered Aluminum Slotted Key TagPacks of 20 - More durable than plasticMore Info
Numbered Brass Locker TagsNumbered Brass Locker TagsPacks of 25 & 100 - No holes with adhesiveMore Info
Numbered Aluminum Coat Check TagsNumbered Aluminum Coat Check TagsDurable & ReusableMore Info
Numbered Aluminum Custom Coat Check TagsNumbered Aluminum Custom Coat Check TagsAdd your logoMore Info

New! Custom Printed Vinyl & Vinyl Barcode Labels

Custom Vinyl Labels are a cost effective solution that's ideal for multiple applications. Nap's uses premium vinyl with a over-laminate for a UV and water resistant label that will last for years!

Vinyl Printed Labels

Custom Tags & Plates

Don't see exactly what you need? NapTags can custom cut metal and plastic to just about any shape or size in a variety of thicknesses. Fill out our Quote Request Form and one of our experts will assist you with getting the tags or plates that fit your project exactly!

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