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Custom Legend Plate Engraving: Tailoring Industrial Identification

Clear and accurate identification of equipment control panels is crucial for safety, efficiency, and compliance in many types of industrial environments.

Posted on 06/06/2023
Custom Legend Plate Engraving: Tailoring Industrial Identification

Custom Legend Plate Engraving: Tailoring Industrial Identification to Perfection

Legend plates play a vital role in providing essential information, such as labels, instructions, or warnings to machine operators, technicians and anyone who uses complex industrial equipment on the job.

This article explores the versatility and customizability of legend plates, available in various types of metal and plastic materials, discussing their applications, suitability for various environments, and the ability to be customized to the exact specifications of the equipment, including custom-placed holes, text, numbering and even barcodes.

Custom Metal Legend Plates: Rugged and Durable

Metal legend plates are renowned for their durability and resistance to harsh environmental conditions.

Made from materials like stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and anodized aluminum, they offer superior endurance, making them ideal for heavy-duty industrial applications. Metal legend plates can withstand extreme temperatures, chemicals, moisture, and physical impacts, ensuring the longevity of the engraved information.

These plates are commonly used in industrial control panels, machinery, switchgears, and other equipment that require permanent and reliable labeling. The text, numbering, barcodes and symbols on metal legend plates are laser-engraved, providing high contrast and detail, legibility, and resistance to fading or smudging over time.

This makes them suitable for applications where clear identification is essential, such as emergency stop push buttons, toggle switches, motor controls, and process control panels.

Choosing the right type of metal is crucial for the long-term durability of a legend plate.

Aluma-Tough is the most durable of marked metal legend plates. An image is printed on film and exposed in a dark room to a durable aluminum plate where it is developed, fixed, and rinsed. The graphic is then sealed to the plate with sapphire-hard, clear anodizing. This process creates a tag or plate that is resistant to chemicals, paint, abrasion and dirt for 20+ years. And, it can be repeatedly sterilized without losing clarity.


Stainless Steel can resist corrosion from moisture, chemicals, UV radiation, temperature and more, and is less prone to warping or breaking, while laser engraving gives it long-lasting clarity and readability. It is the top choice for legend plates used in food processing, pharmaceutical or other industries that demand strict hygiene.


Anodized Aluminum also provides protection against abrasion and physical stress, corrosion and more, with a protective oxide layer that prevents direct contact between metal and the surrounding environment. It also has a more aesthetically pleasing appearance with the various colors available, including black, gold, blue, red, white, and more.


Standard Aluminum is relatively cost effective compared to the other options, providing a lightweight legend plate that can withstand some corrosion and dissipate heat, while maintaining a smooth, shiny surface that’s easily readable with laser engraving.


Brass legend plates also provide cost effectiveness, as well as the strength to maintain its shape under heavy usage or impact and electrical conductivity. Plus, it has a classic aesthetic appeal with a golden appearance that adds a touch of bold refinement and noticeability.


Plastic Custom Legend Plate Engraver

Plastic Legend Plates: Versatile and Cost-Effective

Plastic legend plates offer versatility, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness without compromising quality.

They are available in thick acrylic and laser-cut to create customized shapes, sizes, hole placement and more. Plastic plates are lightweight and easier to install compared to their metal counterparts.

While plastic legend plates may not offer the same level of durability as metal, they are still well-suited for many light industrial applications, withstanding moderate environmental conditions, including temperature variations and some exposure to chemicals or moisture.

Plastic plates find extensive use in labeling control buttons, operator panels, and instrumentation panels.

Customization to Exact Specifications

One of the significant advantages of legend plate engraving is the ability to customize them to exact specifications of your environment and application.

From the size and shape of the plate to the size and placement of holes, colored backgrounds,adhesive backers and more, the actual structure of the legend plate can be custom made. From simple push button plates to denote off/on, to elaborate switch plates with multiple openings and custom shapes, Nap’s can do it all!

Plus, each legend plate can be laser engraved with specific text labels, numbering, symbols, instructions, barcodes or any other identification requirements. Ultimately, legend plates can be tailored to suit your specific, individual needs.

In industrial settings, where standardized symbols and text are often required, legend plates can be engraved with universally recognized symbols like arrows, caution signs, power symbols, and alphanumeric codes. Additionally, plates can be engraved with multi-lingual instructions to accommodate diverse workforces or international requirements.

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