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Aluma-Tough (Metalphoto) Tags

Aluma-Tough (MetalPhoto®) sealed, anodized aluminum tags and name plates will last 20+ years in the harshest elements without fading or scratching. They resist salt water, chemicals, and abrasion, plus withstand multiple sterilization cycles without fading or harboring bacteria per ASNI/AAMI ST79.

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Aluma-Tough (Metalphoto) Tags
Satin Silver Aluma-Tough CUSTOM Numbered Locker Tags with Adhesive BackingSatin Silver Aluma-Tough CUSTOM Numbered Locker Tags with Adhesive BackingSold as Each with minimum order of 10 - with adhesiveMore Info
Numbered Aluminum (Aluma-Tough) Oval Tags with AdhesiveNumbered Aluminum (Aluma-Tough) Oval Tags with AdhesivePacks of 25 or 100 - with AdhesiveMore Info
Numbered Aluminum (Aluma-Tough) Oval Tags with HolesNumbered Aluminum (Aluma-Tough) Oval Tags with HolesPacks of 25 or 100 - with HolesMore Info

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NapTags offers engraved and blank stainless steel tags in both 304 and 316 Grade. We offer hundreds of options to create durable, long-lasting stainless steel metal tags, labels and ID plates. We can custom cut to just about any shape or size up to 1/8" thick. Our stainless steel experts at NapTags will work with you for the perfect finished product for your project.

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Custom Tags & Plates

Don't see exactly what you need? NapTags can custom cut metal and plastic to just about any shape or size in a variety of thicknesses. Fill out our Quote Request Form and one of our experts will assist you with getting the tags or plates that fit your project exactly!

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Custom-manufactured, sealed anodized aluminum ID tags, asset tags and name plates.

Aluma-Tough (MetalPhoto®) tags stand up to heat, sunlight, chemical and saltwater corrosion, and abrasive environments without fading or scratching, for 20+ years!

They can even be sterilized over-and-over per ASNI/AAMI ST79 steam sterilization and sterility assurance to ensure that no bacteria are harbored and the text doesn't fade.

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How AlumaTough, Sealed Anodized Aluminum Tag are Made...

The unique manufacturing process is what sets it apart from stainless steel or other ‘weatherproof’ tags.

With top quality materials, meticulous attention to detail, and diligent compliance standards across industries and specific uses, Aluma-Tough aluminum tags and name plates are built to withstand weather, chemical damage, abrasions, paint, aging, fungus, and beyond.

The process begins with a graphic – either a standard template or fully custom – generated on a special film, then exposed to a durable aluminum plate where it is developed, fixed, and rinsed. The graphic is then sealed to the plate with sapphire-hard, clear anodizing.

The final product is a resistant, clearly understandable plate of sealed, anodized aluminum, sized and cut exactly to your specs.

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Custom Aluma Tough Tags Min

What can be printed on Aluma-Tough Tags?

  • Variable information
  • Barcodes and QR codes
  • Graphics and photographs
  • Text, numbering, symbols and more
  • Printing can be done in black and silver only.
Stainless Steel Metal Vs Aluma Tough Tags Min

AlumaTough Tags are Better Than Stainless Steel!

Many people retain misconceptions about stainless steel vs. sealed anodized aluminum. They have:

  • Lower Cost
  • Better Durability
  • Incredible Clarity and Resolution
  • Larger Diversity of Applications

In all of these categories, Aluma-Tough outperforms traditional stainless steel in a variety of ways.

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