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Don't see exactly what you need? NapTags can custom cut metal and plastic to just about any shape or size in a variety of thicknesses. Fill out our Quote Request Form and one of our experts will assist you with getting the tags or plates that fit your project exactly!

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Plastic Tags Blank Rectangle

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UV Stable - Pack of 25
Use: Outdoor, Indoor
Material: Plastic
Shape: Rectangle
Not available

Blank Plastic Tags with 2 Holes - Rectangles in 5 Sizes and 16 Colors

Pack of 25 starts at $33.93
Call for special bulk pricing on 500+ tags

UV-Stable, Plastic Tag Blanks are Ready to Engrave!

Great for indoor or outdoor use, these UV-Stable blank plastic tags are ready for engraving.

Bi-layer plastic has 2 different colors, so when you engrave the top layer off, the middle-layer shows through for clear, crisp text that has a high contrast for extra readability.

Perfect for facilities management, asset tags, shelf tags, or as a quick ID tag for any application.

Blank Plastic Tag Specs

  • 5 Sizes available, from small 2" 1" rectangles to large 3" x 1" sizes
  • Available in 16 color combinations
  • 1/16" thick
  • Hole Size: 2, 1/8" holes