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Last 20+ Years

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Aluma-Tough (MetalPhoto®) anodized metal tags stand up to the harshest outdoor elements and last 20+ years!

When long term, permanent identification is critical - Aluma Tough offers the best durability and readability of any aluminum tag used outdoors.
So durable, they're used on the space shuttle!

Trusted Where Permanent Identification is Critical.

Defense - Aerospace - Transportation - Marine - Energy - Heavy Equipment

Aluma-Tough (Metalphoto) aluminum tags have a glass-clear, sapphire-hard, anodic layer that seals the high resolution image creating identification plates that resists abrasion, solvents, temperature, UV light, sea salt and chemicals.

Aluma-Tough (Metalphoto) anodized aluminum nameplates meet these mil-specs, industrial and government specs: GG-P-455B, MIL-STD-13231, MIL-DTL-15024F, MIL-P-19834B, MIL-STD-130M, MIL-A-8625F, A-A-50271, SSP50007

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